Friday, 7 February 2014

A glorious day in Yorkshire

Beautiful day today.

Just look at the beautiful blue sky. The Eucalyptus is shedding but I understand you shouldn't pull the bark so I am leaving it to drop.

Hellebores are enjoying the warmth.

Just hope the snowdrops don't go over too quickly. 

I read about this magazine a few days ago a so I made sure I found a copy. Only released today and I didn't see many copies.

There are some interesting articles.

Some exercises

and plenty of adverts.  I think there will be 9 issues and I shall certainly be looking out for them.

Did you watch the final of the Great Interior Design Challenge? Thoroughly enjoyed it. My favourite, Sarah Moore, was the well deserved winner. Hope they do more series.

One rather large rabbit enjoying sun and grass.

Hope you enjoy a lovely weekend.

Carol xx

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Looking for the Good Things Day 20

One thing that has been in constant in my life is music.

I was brought up in a home where there was always music whether from singing round the piano or from the 78's spinning on the “Radiogram” turntable. My parents were never “stick-in-the-muds” as far as music was concerned, they embraced new music and soon, alongside Mario Lanza and David Whitfield, could be heard Elvis and Roy Orbison.

I still have most of my parents 78's and also my 45's and LP's.

I have been lucky enough to attend many live shows - The Beatles, The Stones, Joan Baez, Billy Fury and many more stars of the 60's. As I have mentioned before I later I became a big fan of Runrig and saw them several times.  

Sadly, for me, they are not the same since Donnie left. I went to the farewell concerts at Stirling Castle.

My latest live "gig" was last month to see the wonderful Andre Rieu and his orchestra. 

(If the above links aren't showing just search You Tube for - Runrig Donnie Munro Every River Stirling Castle or Runrig Transmitting Live and also Andre Rieu for lots of options)

After the Andre Rieu concert the night was finished off with a trip to a local pub to see a live rock band! That is my musical taste - I love music.

Carol xx

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Looking for the Good Things Day 19

Lovely day out with a best friend today, obviously had to look my best.........

No, I didn't go out like this! I'd just washed it and then I let loose with the hairdrier. 

Another orchid/flower photo for you

We've had lots more rain so I'm getting my flower fix indoors.

Carol xx

Monday, 27 January 2014

Looking for the Good Things Day 18

I really thought I had lost my crafting mojo but then it suddenly rushed back. I made the needlecase, most of the  little rabbit, I've done quite a bit of my Snowdrop Fairy cross stitch and I made ..............

a Granny cover for my tissues! You can find patterns on Ravelry.

Yesterday I took part in the RSPB "Big Garden Birdwatch" weekend. You have to record the birds that visit your garden in a one hour period on either Saturday or Sunday.

I was so happy when these little chaps turned up so I could include them. They are Long-Tailed Tits. I counted at least 12 (they flit about so make it very difficult to count them!) They were on all the feeders and in and out of the bushes.

On this feeder there was originally five, then three

Then two

 Then one

 who suddenly realisesd all the rest had gone and flew off to join them.

I have a few houseplants in bloom at the moment. Doesn't this orchid look lovely?

Smiling at the flowers again!

Carol xx

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Looking for the Good Things Day 17

Do you think there could possibly be any rain left in the sky over the UK? No, me neither but down it comes.  Oh what a grey day!

Over on Instagram I was recently "tagged" to show "what's in my kit".  I chose to reveal my crochet kit.

I bought the crochet roll from Etsy but it isn't quite right, the top bit doesn't come down far enough over the top of the hooks so they slide out, I need to do something about that! My favourite and most comfortable hooks are the Clover ones, I use the 4 mm one the most (it was a 'perfect' gift from a friend not long after I started crocheting). I keep my smallest needlecase with my crochet items, I cross-stitched it from a free magazine kit. There is an owl for checking your hook/needle size.  A strawberry pincushion, sandfilled to keep pins and needles sharp.. A favourite pin tin (I have a few!). A new tape measure and my stork scissors.

Perhaps you would like to share on your blog "what is in your kit" too?

Despite the dreadful weather the birds are still turning up for their food.  I thought our Goldfinches had deserted us, we were down to just "Solo Joe", as I called him, but he must have been chatting to friends and told them about this great eatery and now we are getting up to six at a time.

They make such a mess though, I think they eat a third of the Niger seeds and drop two thirds! Good job we love them.

Yesterday I said I was off to do some more sewing so what did I make? A bunny.

Well I've half made one.  Used an old felted jumper and it is working out quite well.  If you would like the pattern then visit the lovely Sarah Moore's website . You can find the instructions on her blog together with the template. As Sarah pointed out to me "don't forget to sew down the side of the body or it will end up looking like a boxer!".

The "Great Interior Design Challenge" continues this week so we will get to see more of Sarah's design work.

I don't believe it................. the sun is coming out!

Carol xx

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Looking for the Good Things Day 16

It started off a very nice day but it has spoiled itself, heavy rain and thunder!

So I've put my time to good use and made a needlecase for my niece's birthday gift.

Spotty on the outside.

and stripey on the inside

I actually used my rotary cutter, very brave of me, frightening implement! I know many of you are experts but I have struggled. Today - success!

Now shall I snuggle down with Rosie, who has been on the sofa for hours? She isn't silly is she?!

Or shall I make something else? Well my sewing machine is still out so I think I should do some more sewing.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Carol xx

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Looking for the Good Things Day 15

Today I went shopping with my sister to the local Outlet shopping centre.

It was very cold, good job we could scurry from shop to shop. I think it was the cold that got me thinking of warm summer days  and led me to buy this new bedding

This isn't my bedroom - just the packaging! 

Definitely not my usual style but I just love it and a 70% discount was certainly attractive. My sister found one from the same range with a rainbow, more muted than mine but she has some lovely wallpaper and didn't want to detract from that. 

A successful day and, as sis still works full time, nice to have a day out together.

Carol xx